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Bike Accidents

Utilizing a bicycle for transportation promotes health and environmental responsibility. In Florida, cycling offers an opportunity to appreciate the splendid weather and picturesque landscapes. It is crucial for drivers to adhere to the law and accommodate cyclists; however, regrettably, drivers frequently neglect their duty to share the road.

When drivers act negligently or recklessly, it can result in severe injuries for cyclists. If you or someone dear to you has experienced a bicycle crash, it is essential to seek assistance from a seasoned accident attorney. A proficient lawyer specializing in bicycle accidents in Florida can assist you in pursuing rightful compensation for the harm you have endured.


When a bicyclist is struck by a negligent or reckless driver, the consequences can be extremely grave, as cyclists are significantly vulnerable on the road. In the aftermath of an accident, regardless of its severity, it is crucial for the cyclist to seek medical attention if there are any suspicions of injuries. Sometimes, the shock from the incident can cause individuals to overlook their pain and serious injuries.

Once it becomes apparent that an injury has occurred, promptly visiting the emergency room or a doctor becomes paramount. Common bicycle accident injuries include head injuries, spinal cord injuries, and broken bones. It is equally important to adhere to recommended follow-up treatments. Prioritizing personal health is of utmost importance for those involved in an accident, while simultaneously building a solid body of evidence to present to the insurance company of the driver at fault.

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Initiating a Personal Injury Case

It is of utmost importance to promptly reach out to an attorney following an accident, as a skilled accident attorney can provide valuable guidance on seeking medical treatment. In the case of a bicycle accident in Florida, a competent attorney specializing in such cases can also advise the injured party on how to handle conversations with the at-fault driver's insurance company.

Once a lawyer takes on a personal injury case, they will inform the driver's insurance company that the bicyclist is now represented. Subsequently, the Florida bicycle accident lawyer will commence the process of gathering evidence to present to the insurance company. This evidence may encompass medical records and bills, police reports, photographs of the accident scene or injuries, as well as contact information of witnesses.

Process of an accident claim

The progression of an accident claim involves negotiations between the bicycle accident attorney in Florida and the insurance company. However, the final decision on whether to accept a settlement offer rests with the client.

If settlement discussions fail to produce a satisfactory outcome, the next course of action is to file a lawsuit. Throughout the litigation process, evidence will continue to be exchanged between the plaintiff and the defendant. Should the case proceed to trial, a skilled attorney will present compelling evidence before the court.

To navigate the aftermath of a bicycle accident and ascertain the appropriate course of action, it is advisable to contact a bicycle accident lawyer without delay. W will offer invaluable assistance in determining the next steps to proceed forward.


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